The dentist you choose does make a difference. Our dentists provide a full range of general dental services for all ages. We offer preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, comprehensive general dentistry and orthodontics, all from our convenient location in downtown River Falls, Wisconsin.

Our Philosophy

No unnecessary treatment. No excessive treatment.

Services include:

  • Cleanings & Fluoride Treatment – Our hygienists meticulously clean your teeth while providing oral hygiene instruction tailored to your specific needs. Adult fluoride treatments are provided free of cost to our patients following each cleaning and are available in a multitude of flavors as a topical gel applied in a tray, or as a varnish which is painted onto the surfaces of your teeth by hand, the varnish also allows you to eat or drink immediately after your cleaning. Our hygenists are never forced to clean anyone’s teeth in a pre-determined amount of time. They personally evaluate how long it takes to clean your teeth effectively and they specify how long your cleaning appointment will be based on your individual needs.
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  • Braces – Dr. David Page has offered conventional orthodontic therapy for his patients since 1989, providing comprehensive functional and aesthetic fixed braces for both teenagers and adults. Additionally, Page Family Dentistry is now offering Invisalignclear aligner therapy, a more aesthetic option which is much less visible in the mouth and also allows the patient to remove the clear appliance to eat, drink, and brush their teeth.
  • smiling-coupleFillings – Treat tooth decay by removing damaged tooth structure and restoring the tooth to healthy form and function with state of the art dental bonding materials or traditional metal restorative material. [more info]
  • Laser Cavity Detection – The latest technology helps us detect hidden decay, stopping the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within. [more info]
  • Crowns – Cover the entire tooth when extensive tooth decay or fracture have destroyed too much tooth structure to restore the tooth with a filling.  [more info]
  • Implants – Surgically placed metal anchor replaces the root of a missing tooth in order to support a crown. [more info]
  • Bridges – Replace missing teeth by bridging the gap between two adjacent teeth with a prosthetic tooth supported by neighboring crowns.  [more info]
  • Dentures – Either complete or partial removable dentures custom made to replace missing teeth.   If you think you might need dentures or are currently having dentures made you should review this patient information handout discussing this major transition in your life.  A growing number of American dentists are having their dentures fabricated by dental labs in Mexico and China. Our dentures are never outsourced overseas; they are custom crafted in the USA by Dimension Dental of Red Wing, MN.
  • Sealants – Protect the chewing surface of teeth from decay by sealing irregular grooves and crevices with state of the art dental bonding materials.  [more info]
  • Veneers – Cosmetic restoration of discolored, chipped, heavily restored, or misaligned front teeth with composite resin or porcelain.   [more info]
  • Jaw Pain Treatments – Diagnose and treat issues of jaw joint pain, clenching, or grinding.
  • Gum Treatments – From gingivitis to periodontitis, we have treatment options for all forms and severities of gum disease.
  • Teeth Whitening – Whitening of teeth with take home do-it-yourself wear overnight custom made trays and optimal strength whitening agents, research proven to be the most effective way to whiten teeth.   [more info]
  • Root Canals – Cleaning, disinfection and filling of the inside of teeth to eliminate infection while restoring health and function to severely damaged teeth where the infection from tooth decay has spread to the pulp and often adjacent bone.   [more info]

Above and Beyond Services:

  • Responsible Referrals – We always call the specialist’s office personally when we refer a patient to communicate exactly what services we are recommending.
  • Straight-forward advice and treatment options – We talk with you face to face and work with you to come to a treatment plan that is ideal and custom tailored for you both clinically and financially.
  • Infection control and sterilization protocol – State of the art sterilization equipment and personnel thoroughly educated in universal precaution infection control procedures for your protection.
  • Warranty sealants – Not just the sealants we place, but every sealant we see already in place is backed with a 100% replacement warranty.  If your sealant fails we will replace it at no charge.
  • Crowns in occlusion, handmade in the USA – Some dentists have their crowns made in Mexico or oversees to save a buck, and some even have the crowns designed so they don’t quite touch the opposite teeth in order to make adjusting the crown easier on themselves.  We believe that the quality behind a crown is all in how it is made, so our crowns are custom made by hand.  Furthermore, every one of our crowns is made to touch the opposing teeth in what we call “ideal occlusion”, meaning that the crown bites together with the opposing teeth just like the tooth it replaced would in an ideal bite.
  • Custom temporary crowns – Our dentists  and assistants have extensive training in making custom temporary crowns for your tooth which protect your tooth and are much more comfortable for you to wear while we are having your permanent crown fabricated.
  • Waterline Infection Control – Bacteria can grow in the waterlines of dental units without proper precautions. Our office uses DentaPure® microbiological water purification to alleviate any concerns about bacteria in dental water. [more info]
  • Retake Panoramic radiographs at no charge – When evaluating development of third molars (wisdom teeth) after an initial consultation there is no charge for subsequent x-rays needed for re-evaluation of the development of the third molars.
  • Treatment plan to utilize patient insurance benefits to the max – We always plan your treatment to maximize your insurance coverage and keep your out-of-pocket expense as low as possible.
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