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Posted on our Facebook page:

Our family has been very happy with the knowledge and friendly atmosphere at Page Family Dentistry.

We have lived in River Falls for the past 25 years and have recently moved back up north to Boulder Junction. We are going to miss the smiles of the staff and the quality of treatment by Dr Page. We highly recommend Page Family Dentistry to all especially new comers to the River Falls Area!

Love The Dietrich Family


From a recent patient letter:

After suffering 17 years of chemical dependency and neglect of my teeth, I finally recovered and knew I had to somehow start to address the issues that had been building and were finally at the breaking point. After a strong recommendation from a close friend, I visited Page Family Dentistry for an initial dental exam, and I was treated so decently by everyone there despite what I was showing up with in my mouth. I ended up, after that first visit, with the sense of hope and comfort that one gets when they know they are in good hands.

So, together, with Dr. Page and his great assistants, I began a journey involving extractions, root canals, repaired teeth, and many crowns. The whole process took more than two years and many visits. Some of the visits were long but I learned fast that Dr. Page is very skilled at making the experience be devoid of any of the kind of pain that we “dentist avoiders”  have nightmares about. Stuff just didn’t really hurt, no matter how spooky it may have looked going into my mouth… I started to realize that the dental visits were resulting in less and less pain in my life. Page Family Dentistry was excellent at working with the insurance company, my health spending account, and in thankfully allowing for regular payments against the outstanding balance of my account.  After years and years of always having something or another going wrong with my teeth, the end result is that I have a beautiful, functional and painless new mouth.  I doubt I would have gotten better care anywhere in the world, and it was amazing to be able to walk to my appointments, and know that these up-to-date, highly skilled and friendly people are part of my community.

Steve K, River Falls, WI



I want to thank you for making my first visit to the dentist in over a decade such a pleasant experience. After years of neglect and heavy tobacco use, I was reluctant to let any dentist see the sad state of my mouth for fear of the humiliation and the lecture I was sure to get.

After much apprehension leading up to the appointment, I was immediately put at ease upon entering the office. Your front desk staff was so welcoming, your hygienists extremely professional, and best of all… no lectures from you. You simply went to work restoring my mouth to health.

I am now proud to show off my smile, and I can’t believe what a tremendous difference your work has made in my confidence level and relationships. It’s amazing what a great smile can do for you!

Today, I think I’m the only person in the world who actually looks forward to going to the dentist! It’s like dropping in to see old friends, and the conversation is always great.

Thank you so much.

Jeff H, River Falls, WI


Hello David,

Marcy and I have moved even futher west, now living close to Waconia, Minnesota. Perhaps some day we will move east and be able to visit your dental office regularly once again.

In the meantime however, the whole family went in for preventative visits this
morning at a place called Chanhassen Dental.  I thought I would share with you
the words from the hygienist of 28 years as she reviewed my prior dental work.
Until the x-rays were taken, she could not determine with certainty, which teeth had fillings and which ones didn’t.  she said, “This may be the best work I have ever seen.”  She wanted to know who the gifted dentist was.

I have only been to two other dentists since we moved so far away and both offices have complimented your work.  It makes me wonder if I should contact some dental magazines and see if anyone wants to take some pictures.

Have a great day and thanks for always doing your best.

Dan B, Waconia, MN


Dear David,

Thank you really isn’t enough to express how truly grateful I am.  It’s just terrific to have teeth that actually work.  I have received many positive comments about how nice my teeth look. The best part of all is that my family and close friends tell me that I smile more. I wish I could go back and show the kids at River Falls Junior High the finished product.

At any rate, if you ever wonder if your work makes a difference, be assured that it does. I praise God for giving you the necessary creativity, talent, courage, and compassion to complete this project.  Please be sure to tell Alison, Linda, Gina, and Molly that I truly appreciate the part that each of them played in enabling you to “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

Many thanks always!

Terry C, Livonia, MN

P.S. If any of your patients ever need some encouragement to “go for it,” don’t hesitate to have them give me a call.



Thank you so much for your time and expertise in assessing my dental situation.  It was certainly worth the trip to get your opinion.  It was such a pleasure seeing you and Linda again.  And Fun!  I haven’t had fun at a dentist office since I left River Falls!

I will follow your advice.  If I can’t find an ethical dentist here, I will be back!  Staying a few days in Wisconsin would be worth it.  I am going to check with the oral surgeon that I trust and go from there.  I don’t think I want to go back to my Gentle Dental factory, but I will probably need a referral for the oral surgeon in order for my insurance to kick in.  I’ll work on this in the next few days.

Again, a huge thank you and don’t be surprised if I turn up on your doorstep to have this work done.  That would be my first choice.  You’re just the Best of the Best!

Sherry J, Gold Canyon, AZ


Page Family Dentistry wasn’t the first office I’ve visited in this area, but now that I have, I don’t plan on going anywhere else.  The capability, quality, courtesy, and integrity of Dr. Page and his staff are top notch.  And did I mention fees?  He is an outstanding value!  Through several extensive procedures, Dr. Page has demonstrated his practice of carefully explaining all of the options, then recommending what he believes is the best option, which quite often, is not the most expensive option.  I would recommend Page Family Dentistry to anyone looking for high quality dental services.

Paul G, River Falls, WI

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