Concern for our patient’s welfare is our number one priority.  Over the years we have always been on the leading edge of technology to promote our patients well being.  An example of this is our treatment of water.  Concerns about bacteria in dental water started to come up in 1998.  We immediately invested in DentaPure® microbiological water purification. DentaPure uses the same technology to purify water that is used on the Space Shuttle, and International Space station. waterline

Utilizing this technology brings our dental water to a quality high enough to use on hemodialysis!  When the standards for waterline quality came out in December of 2003, we had already been maintaining water at a level two and one/half times better than the standards for over 5 years!  We continue to do this today.  Today DentaPure is used at the University of Minnesota Dental School, at the Marquette Dental School, Iowa Dental School, Illinois Dental School and many more.  It’s a detail that you probably didn’t even know about, but is there for your benefit and safety.

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